Petroleum Dynamics

API Multifacility Services Unit

API Oil & Gas Certified Multi Facility Service Unit

Machining | Manufacturing | Refurbishment | Maintenance | Recertification | Modifications |Field troubleshooting

A full-fledged one stop Service Unit having +13 OEM companies with strategic TSA which is exclusive & certified to API Q1 & ISO Quality Standards withtechnical accreditation monogram licenses covering Spec7-1, 5CT, 6A, 16A & 16C.Key products and service shall include:-

  • Refurbishment & Testing

    BOP Control Systems, Valves, Choke and Kill Manifold, BOP, Rig handling, Hoisting and Rotating equipment & more

  • Repair & Remanufacture

    Repair & Remanufacture of drill stem element connections, crossovers,drilling spools and high pressure piping & more

  • Complete service solution for:

  • Wellhead and Wellhead Components:

    Cross over connectors, Top connectors, Tees & Crosses, WN/companion flanges, Adapter & Spacer spools& more

  • Drill Stem Elements:

    Crossover subs, Lifting subs, Stabilizers & more

  • Drill Through Equipment:

    Drilling spools, Mud cross, DSAs & more

  • Choke and Kill Equipment:

    Choke and Kill Manifold Assemblies, Rigid Piping & Buffer chambers

  • OCTG:

    Casing Pipe, Drill Pipe, Couplings, Production Tubing, Drill Collars, Drill Stem Subs Conductor Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Pup Joints, Accessories
    Valves including API 6D, cryogenic, subsea valves with automation, SIL, HIPPS application.

  • Fabrication Facility:

    Fabrication yard with ASME certification - U, PP and NB-R focusing on the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, silos, water and fuel tanks andother structural fabrication; design, fabrication and installation of Mud Systems (500-4500bbl); fabrication/repair of structural rig components, etc.